How to Stay Motivated During a Pandemic

As the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic envelops us in its tight grip, most of us have been struggling to stay focused and optimistic amid the increasing chaos and uncertainty. If you’re in the same boat, you’re not alone. The pandemic has taken a toll on the physical and mental health of millions of people across the globe.

As the state of limbo continues, the stress and anxiety triggered by the pandemic have also worsened. If you’ve been finding it hard to separate yourself from the noise and regain peace of mind, we’ve created a guide to help you replenish lost motivation.

Don’t Shove Your Emotions Under the Rug

You may think that dismissing your emotions is an effective way to circumvent pessimism and focus on the positive. It sounds like a viable response to the pandemic on paper, right? In reality, it can end up doing more harm than good.

Instead of neglecting your emotions and attempting to bury the pain and hurt, process everything that you’re feeling. This will help you understand, sort, and effectively respond to your emotions.

For instance, if you’re feeling an overwhelming sense of guilt, take the time to ascertain where it’s coming from. Do you feel guilty because you haven’t been spending enough time with your loved ones? Make sure you schedule a Zoom call with them. Do you feel guilty because you haven’t been giving your partner the attention and care they deserve? Communicate your concerns to them and attempt to make up for your shortcomings.

As you navigate and manage your emotions, you’ll keep them from snowballing into a big pile of complex, unresolved clutter that causes you to trip in the future. In many cases, this pile also drains our motivation and makes us feel uninspired. By processing your emotions as you experience them, you’ll manage to retain motivation and feel your best.

Practice Gratitude in Abundance


The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a lot from us, including our loved ones, physical health, mental well-being, financial stability, and contentment. And as the loss continues, it’s hard not to feel a strong sense of bitterness and resentment.

Once you process these emotions, make sure you practice gratitude in abundance. While mourning the overwhelming loss and change is important, being grateful for everything else is also imperative.

You can keep a gratitude journal and frequently revisit old entries to feel motivated and inspired. Take note of each aspect of your life that you feel grateful for. Of course, this will vary from person to person. Each time you feel down in the dumps, practice gratitude to remember how much goodness, love, support, comfort, stability, and vitality you still have in your life. This habit will go a long way in helping you feel motivated and empowered each time you feel discouraged and defeated.

Prioritize Your Physical Health

Our physical health has a lot to do with how we feel. An unhealthy diet, little to no exercise, lack of sleep, inadequate hydration, and excessive smoking—among other factors—can make us feel lethargic, uninspired, and stressed.

To undo the damage, focus on the specific aspects of your health that can be improved. Have you been regularly consuming foods with a high glycemic index? Are you struggling to drink at least two liters of water each day? Are you finding it hard to follow your workout routine? Have you been smoking more frequently during the pandemic? Take your time and answer these questions as truthfully as possible.

Once you have a good idea of what you need to work on, create a comprehensive plan and put it into action. You don’t have to go all out; take baby steps to ensure consistency and get the results you’re hoping for. As you acclimatize to these lifestyle changes, you can make more concrete changes.

We also suggest taking nutritional supplements and vitamins to nourish your body from within. Botanic Choice’s collection of all-natural supplements are packed with vital nutrients that heal your body, restore energy levels, and improve your overall health and wellness. You can choose from a wide range of effective formulas to feel your best.

Make Your Conversations with Friends/Family More Meaningful

For many people, declining motivation often stems from severed relationships with friends and/or family members. The pandemic has taken a toll on our ability to effectively communicate with our loved ones. Virtual conversations can easily get muddled with comments getting misconstrued, being taken out of context, or getting lost in translation.

In addition, the pandemic has elevated stress and anxiety levels. People are increasingly on edge and overwhelmed. If you’ve noticed that your conversations with friends and/or family members have been less-than-pleasant, you’re not alone.

Start by acknowledging the elephant in the room. If your family Zoom calls have been brimming with bickering and hostility, address the root cause of the contention and collectively resolve it. You can also apply this to conflict among friends or at work.

Brian Tracy’s personal development kit—“How to Talk: Secrets of the Great Communicators”—helps you understand how to influence people with effective communication. This powerful skill will drastically improve your personal and professional life. Most importantly, it will help you feel in control and motivated as you’ll manage to circumvent volatile situations and effectively get your message across.

Another popular personal development kit—“The Power of Charm”—helps you become more popular with people in any situation. Use the insight provided in each kit to strengthen your support system and establish healthy relationships with people.

Master the Art of Self-Discipline

Over the course of the pandemic, many people have lost and regained motivation countless times. And understandably so. Owing to the volatile state of flux, it’s no wonder that we’ve been struggling to maintain consistency in whatever endeavor we undertake for our health and wellness.

However, falling off the wagon too frequently for long durations can be detrimental. Over time, it can deplete your motivation and make you feel more stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed.

Undo the damage by making self-discipline a priority. It’s important to note that a few missteps here and there are completely acceptable; you’re only human. However, practicing self-discipline will help you avoid staying on track for a few days only to lose momentum for months. It will invite consistency into your life and help you put yourself first.

Brian Tracy’s personal development kit—“The Miracle of Self-Discipline”—helps you develop a “no excuses” mindset and get things done. Whether you’re struggling to complete a self-care project, eat clean, follow your workout routine, or set a better example for your kids, the kit will help you become more self-disciplined.

You can also complete the CD set and workbook with your partner to get some much-needed support as you embark on the journey to practicing self-discipline.

Focus on Your Finances

Struggling to feel motivated during the ongoing pandemic? Have you also been experiencing bouts of financial instability? Whether your business has taken a hit or you’ve been finding it increasingly difficult to budget, dwindling finances can take a toll on your overall well-being.

Take active measures to get all the help you need to turn things around. Look into stimulus checks, mortgage relief, revised healthcare plans, and rent forgiveness programs to improve your financial standing. You should also consider loan refinancing depending on the current state of your finances. Ultimately, make an informed decision after evaluating all the available options.

We also recommend using popular resources like “Selling Made Simple,” “Think and Grow Rich,” and “The Compound Effect: Jumpstart Your Income, Your Life, Your Success” to achieve your business goals and turn things around. These resources will come in handy if the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted your business. As you regain financial stability, you’ll feel more relaxed, relieved, and motivated.

Don’t Hesitate to Take Some Time Off to Reenergize  

When was the last time you took some time off? And by “time off,” we don’t mean a day or two; we mean a week, at the very least.

The pandemic has drained us beyond our wildest imagination. At a time when everyone has been struggling to pull it together, it’s not uncommon for people to feel lost, purposeless, and defeated. If you can’t remember the last time you took a long break, you may want to start planning it ASAP.

Taking some time off is a great way to reenergize and regain lost motivation. Whether you plan a local, social distancing-friendly getaway or simply unwind at home, taking a break will put things into perspective for you. Instead of feeling overwhelmed and letting the pandemic get the best of you, you’ll feel grateful for everything that you were previously taking for granted. This shift in perspective will help you get through 2020 and welcome 2021 with renewed enthusiasm.

Rediscover Your Love for an Old Hobby

Over the years, we’ve all let go of activities we once adored. In some cases, we’re forced to turn the page because of time. In other cases, we let go because we think we’ve “outgrown” certain hobbies. Whatever your reason for moving on may be, there’s a lot to be said for rediscovering old passions.

Did you suddenly stop reading books for pleasure? Were you a Scrabble aficionado in your teens? Have you always adored origami but never given it a fair chance? Did you play the piano as a child?

Rediscover your passion for an old hobby or interest to reignite the spark in your life. Not only will you feel rejuvenated as you visit the past, but you’ll also feel motivated as you look forward to relishing your newfound hobby.

Learn to Let Go

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought everyone their fair share of pain and anguish. If certain activities, people, or events caused you pain, learn to create healthy boundaries and, if needed, let go.

While forgiveness is a beautiful process, it can also cause you immense pain if you reserve it for the wrong people. In some cases, it’s best to let go—especially if you have been wronged repeatedly and don’t see a speck of change in the person. If you try to make peace with people who don’t plan on redeeming themselves, you’ll feel demotivated, stressed, and exhausted in the long run.

Read the room, trust your gut, and distance yourself to protect your well-being and happiness. This simple but powerful act will go a long way in making you feel an overwhelming sense of peace, contentment, and relief.

Set Goals for Yourself

Looking forward to and planning for the future is a great way to feel motivated and inspired in the long run. Start by setting attainable and realistic goals for yourself. Whether you focus on your personal well-being or professional success, setting goals that apply to different aspects of your life will help you put your best foot forward and feel your best.

For instance, you can aspire to practice more empathy in the future. You can measure this by reflecting on the past. Take note of all the times you put yourself in someone else’s shoes and actually made an effort to understand where they were coming from instead of brusquely interjecting. Did you go the extra mile to practice compassion? Or were you dismissive?

Apart from personal development goals, you can also set career goals like “assume a leadership position,” “switch careers,” etc. Track your milestones and reward yourself. As you actively set goals during the pandemic, you’ll manage to stay on track and feel motivated.

Start off slow; you don’t have to set big goals from the get-go. Progress—albeit piecemeal—will make you feel like you’re on the right path. The greater the control, the more content and aligned you’ll feel.

Start by implementing these practices into your life to notice gradual changes and feel more inspired. Keep up with our blog for more personal development tips, financial advice, and health and wellness strategies.

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